Free SAT Practice Test

Try our free SAT practice test for the new SAT. All of our questions are updated to match the standards on the updated 2016 SAT. Each practice test is fully interactive with detailed explanations for the correct answers. The new SAT is very challenging, so you should spend plenty of time on your test prep. Get started right now with our free practice questions.

SAT Practice Test

Section 1 — SAT Reading Practice Test

Section 2 — SAT Writing & Language Practice Test

Section 3 — SAT Math Practice Test: No Calculator

Section 4 — SAT Math Practice Test: Calculator

New SAT 2016

The new SAT rolls out in March of 2016. The update was done to make the test more relevant to the future success of students. It has been designed to test what students have learned in high school and what they need to know in order to succeed in college. The focus is no longer on memorizing archaic vocabulary words or facts that will never be needed in the real world.

Despite all these changes, this test is still very challenging. Make sure you do plenty of test prep and work through as many practice questions as possible. Start your test prep right here with our free SAT practice test.

New SAT Format

Reading Test: 52 Questions, 65 Minutes

Writing & Language Test: 44 Questions, 35 Minutes

Math Test — No Calculator: 20 Questions, 25 Minutes

Math Test — Calculator: 38 Questions, 55 Minutes

Essay — Optional: 1 Question, 50 Minutes